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The Chicago & North Western's Vice President Doug Christiansen claimed that the Business Train was the best sales tools at the company's disposal. He believed that the C&NW's mobile sales venue cemented more shipping contracts that might have gone to competitors but that the regional competition had no sales tool comparable. The train while disliked by most employees as a waste of money for the sole benefit of upper management, it was in reality a tool to enhance the bottom line and make the C&NW more profitable. The business cars operated over the entire system from Chicago to Bill, WY and from St Louis and Kanas City to Ishpeming, MI and the iron ore mines of the Upper Peninsula. Photos here are from several sources including "Munger" Mark Llanuza, Mike Patrick, Bob Baker, Bruce Nelson, Ralph Justen, and the late Dennis Hertrich. Many of the photos would not have been possible without the help of C&NW staff Sandi Sweica (Gen Offices), Chris Burger (Gen Offices) ,Stan Rickertson (Cal Ave), Narine (Cal Ave), Rudy Doletina (40th St), Warren Mott (Green Bay) and many many others.
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